• Catfish first.

    Hygienically packaged.

    Available all-year round.

    Great taste.

  • No Restrictions!

    At Le Kingfisha we believe there should be no restriction in how and when one chooses to enjoy catfish.


    We aim to be a reliable source of Catfish that grow fast, taste great, are hygienic, and are readily available with full nutritional benefits. 


    Our product offering include fingerlings, packaged smoked fish, barbecued fish, table-sized fresh fish and brood stock.

    We also offer free consultancy services as our contribution to enabling the agricultural landscape in the country.

  • Our Products

    Barbecued Fish

    Delivered fresh and steamy.

    1500 / order

    Packaged Smoked Fish

    Hygienic and ready-to-eat

    1200 / kg

    Table-Size Fresh Fish

    High carcass quality

    ₦700 / kg


    High survival and growth rate

    ₦25 / fingerling

    Brood Stock

    Genetically superior

    ₦2500 / kg

  • Need consultancy service?

    Contact us and get free consultation at no charge